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I initially consulted with Heidi to assist with a medical condition that I had suffered for many years. During the assessment process, Heidi showed me that the pain was simply a “physical manifestation of misalignment of my neural system”. I had NO IDEA what this Hippie was talking about, however my scepticism was replaced with relief and delight! I’m a believer, and a regular monthly “tune up” to align my chakkra’s keeps me focused and strong.  D.G.R


I have been having regular Kinesiology sessions for the past 5 years and I can say without any exaggeration, that I am a completely different person from when I first began. I have gone from having no direction, to truly LIVING my life. – I now enjoy a new career; I am ever optimistic and I feel fantastic. My Kinesiology sessions have been a spiraling journey back to my true self.
I really think this modality is the best kind of personal development available. Thanks to Kinesiology with Heidi I am ever-evolving toward new levels of my self. A.M


I enjoyed the most empowering sessions with Heidi. I had suffered for over three years with on-going hip pain since giving birth to my son. The pain was persistent and at time unbearable. After my first session with Heidi the pain had gone. The relief I felt was incredible. The sessions where both physically healing as well as emotionally uplifting. I highly recommend a few sessions for stress relief and headaches. Heidi related each pain to an emotion I was feeling and things like my pent up feelings, each time being spot on correct! A very eye opening and therapeutic experience one which I would recommend to everyone. J.B


After many years of suffering from lower back pain and having tried a variety of medication, going to a chiropractor, going to a doctor, having injections right into the muscles, nothing was working.  I was on the internet and came across a website about Kinesiology.  I thought well what have a got to lose since I have tried everything else. Oh my goodness, even after the first session I was able to bend down without feeling pain.  I had a jaw reset done as well and oh my goodness the relief I experienced afterwards was amazing.  Kinesiology has truly changed my life.  I can recommend this treatment to anyone that suffers from chronic lower back pain, severe headaches and event sciatic nerve pain ( which I also suffered from). T.K


Heidi is not only an amazing healer, but also a warm, generous and true person.  Whenever I feel out of balance, I pop in for a session, and afterwards I always feel ready to cope with life’s challenges again.  She has helped me tremendously in the areas of stress management, personal / spiritual development and physical wellbeing.  I would recommend her treatments to anyone with an open mind and a willingness to heal. M.K


A session with Heidi makes it feel as if my body’s factory settings are restored. What exactly that means, depends on what is going on with my body at a particular time.
Whether I have an issue with my bladder, feel like stress is consuming me, have pain in an arm, struggle with cognitive clarity, feel depressed or angry, or just plain struggle with my energy levels, a session would address the issue at hand.
Following a session, I can feel things stabilise in my body. Almost as if my body functions better, within the constraints of the MS.  M.E

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