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Neuro Training

Neuro Training

Is a combination of techniques used to find mental, emotional, meridian and or physical triggers for specific complaints, bringing them into awareness and then restoring equilibrium.  Techniques may include Kinesiology, accupressure, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, tissue salt remedies, crystal energy and so on.

Anyone wanting and willing to restore equilibrium may benefit from Neurotraining.  Kinesiology is able to identify the triggers for a specific issue, thus bringing them into awareness, with the Kinesiologist facilitating the balance by whichever techniques indicate as appropriate.

Neurotraining is a gentle, non-invasive practice of identifying what is out of sync resulting from various stressors in our systems.  It has the ability to quickly facilitate and improve ones quality of overall wellbeing, irrespective of age, sex, lifestyle.  We don’t pay much attention to the nervous system, yet may have developed unsuitable coping patterns and mechanisms thus functioning on half empty, expending unnecessary energy on survival.   Neurotraining offers the neurological system more efficient coping mechanisms, having a positive effect on how we feel, think and function.

The benefits include completing physical recuperation from a long list of symptoms. It increases competence in any area of life such as business, talents, health, development, application of learning, clear thinking and much more. The end result is a new congruence and competence with life. Success and more energy become natural consequences from the use of Neurotraining. Neurotraining reconditions your life experiences. – Andrew Verity, founder of Neurotraining


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