Heidi Kinesiology


Heidi Stumpf
Professional Specialised Kinesiologist
N.O.T (Neural Organisation Technique) Practitioner
Neuro Trainer (in training)
Dip ASK (UK)
ASKSA Cape Chair

Cell: 082 975 7582
Whatsapp: 082 975 7582
Email: stumpf.heidi@yahoo.com
Facebook page:  heidikinesiology
Practice Reg. No. 101/09

Practice area:  Durbanville, Northern Suburbs

Practice Hours:
Mon – Fri  9am – 6pm
Sat              9am – 6pm
“Fill your cup and give from the overflow in your saucer.” 
Appointments canceled at least 24 hours in advance will not be charged for.

Neural Organization Technique International (N.O.T) Neural Organisation Technique International

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