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Heidi was diagnosed with a debilitating form of arthritis about 20 years ago and was advised by a Rheumatologist that she would have to take prescription medication in the form of NSAIDS for the rest of her life.  This was an unthinkable option, as Heidi responds better to natural remedies and therapies.

Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) was limiting joyful life on all levels, yet taking medication for life was the last option for her.  She saw a Reflexologist for a while, and was then referred to a Kinesiologist in the UK who facilitated a huge turnaround in pain management and the ability to carry on with life normally.  It became clear through the process of Kinesiology sessions that this was most certainly an option to study, and in time facilitate and empower fellow beings through their innate ability to use their bodies to heal their bodies.

Through regular Kinesiology sessions, Heidi has been able to maintain her wellbeing without having to rely on any form of, other than natural, medication to manage the symptoms of AS.

Heidi’s studying journey started in 2002, and she continues to keep up to date with new techniques and practices regularly, sharing her learnings with clients daily.  Her practice is in the center of Durbanville, Cape Town.


Neural Organization Technique International (N.O.T) Neural Organisation Technique International


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