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Kinesiology is a non-invasive practice which uses muscle testing to identify and balance imbalances in a person on various levels.  The word ‘kinesiology’ comes from the original Greek words “kinein” i.e. to move and “aisthesis” meaning perception.

We are self-regulating beings, and programmed to heal ourselves. Blockages or breakages occur in our internal communication which is where Kinesiology is used as a verification tool.   Kinesiology is able to identify the cause of an imbalance and point out how the person is maintaining it.  Through bringing a person back into a state of balance, well-being and ease, life becomes abundant through facilitating moving perception from a non-beneficial one into a good quality of life one again.

There are no rights or wrongs in Kinesiology.  A Kinesiology facilitator identifies stressors and blockages within a person and uses various techniques where imbalances are, to re-balance dis-ease or discomfort.


Neural Organization Technique International (N.O.T) Neural Organisation Technique International

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